Two Separation Anxiety Workshops with Jo Hughes on 4th & 11th July

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Separation Distress 1

So many horse owners struggle as a result of their horses suffering with, often severe, separation distress.

Not only is it very distressing for the horse, it can often result in them performing very dangerous behaviour, never mind the fact that it renders any communication virtually impossible without needing to use force and escalating aversives when they are experiencing such extreme upset.

Horses are incredibly socially-dependent mammals, so developing an understanding of their natural behaviour as a species as well as how valuable and deep their social attachments are to them as individuals for their own survival is a crucial step in helping them improve.


These two 2-hour workshops will touch initially on the principles of how our horses learn, a little about the neuroscience of emotions in the brain and the science of horses behaviour in their natural environment as well as an introduction to emotional thresholds. We will then take a look at the practical side of actually changing the emotion which produces those separation distress behaviours using my own horses for the demonstrations.

Clients will gain a fuller understanding by attending both workshops. The sessions will be interactive and fun with an emphasis on training with reward-based techniques including bridge and target training (also known as positive reinforcement training).


The workshops will take place near Swinderby, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6


Saturday 4th July 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Saturday 11th July 1.00pm – 3.00pm


For BOTH workshops – £30 per person

Places are limited and a £10 deposit will be required to secure your place

Please email to book