Trainers Ego

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I would like to share a link to an article written by an inspirational clicker trainer. Tanya posted this to our clicker group recently. It resonated deeply with me since I was able to draw such parallels and align myself so completely with her words.

Tanya has an exquisite gift which enables her to encapsulate through words the true depths of what clicker training allows us to experience with our horses.

“An equine clicker trainer Debra Olson-Daniels asked me what changes I have seen in myself and the horses since I transitioned from natural horsemanship to clicker training. I had certainly thought and talked about it before, and at times quite adamantly, too. But when I thought about Debra’s question this time, I was surprised and delighted to see that what came up most prominently was different from what stood out in my past iterations of the topic. So what I would like to share is not a sum total of my experience of the changes that were brought about by the shift in training paradigm, but rather a current layer of my experience and integration of it.  I am grateful to Debra for the way she worded her question, because when I let it in, it met with the soft glow of the treasures I had been enjoying for a while now, but had not, until now, paid them conscious thought.

When I thought about the changes I have seen in the horses, I felt the warmth and the particular vibrancy of a relationship I have with the horses I currently work with. I had started working with them at one point or another in the continuum of my transition between the training paradigms. I had not tried to boss them or please them, I only have been doing my best to be clear, consistent and compassionate on an ongoing basis. I have also made many mistakes and did my best to take responsibility and to make up for them. These are client’s horses, so I did not intend to have anything but a professional relationship with them.  But what I started seeing after many months of our slow and humble work was not something I planned or hoped for. Genuine liking. Genuine acceptance. Genuine trust. It is something you see in the eyes of another being, something that you feel in their breath and heartbeat, a sort of a trusting opening, an exposure of tender and vulnerable beauty. It is much softer than the exuberant nickers I am greeted with when I show up at the barn…”

Trainers Ego

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy Clicking!

Jo Hughes