The Academy’s First Webinar – Dr Dorothy Heffernan on ‘Senses & Sensibility’

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‘Senses and Sensibility’ – How Horses Use Their Senses to Learn

 by Dr Dorothy Heffernan on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 8.00pm

The Academy of Positive Horsemanship’s first Online Webinar is just around the corner! Places are being offered to Members of the Academy right now but shortly will be opened to non-members (if spaces allow).

Dr Dorothy Heffernan

Dorothy is a horse owner and psychologist whose PhD focussed on how our brain uses what we see to help us work out how far we can jump, how narrow a gap we can pass through and how high we can reach.

She has taught psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including courses on Neuropsychology, Psychology and Brain Science, Clinical Psychology and the Psychology of Personality.

Over the last decade, she has concentrated on equine behaviour, developing her knowledge through practical work with horses but also through formal training at The Natural Animal Centre in Wales, studying with Lucy Rees in Spain and attending courses and clinics given by people including Shawna Karrasch and Alex Kurland.

Her particular interest is in helping to interpret horse behaviour in a context that their human carers, trainers and owners can identify with and enjoy. She writes a blog called

Please contact for further information and enquiries or to book your place.