T’ai Chi Rope Handling Workshop in Cambridgeshire

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Balance That Clicks!
Balance that Clicks!

Date: Saturday 10th September

Emotional and physical balance through tranquility and freedom for humans

Equi-libre Horses is hosting a T’ai Chi Rope Handling get together in the beautiful outbuildings of an 800 year old manor house overlooking the river Cam.

We will begin the day by watching Alexandra Kurland’s Lesson 7 DVD – T’ai Chi Rope Handling, followed by discussion and then hands on practice as we play with how it feels to be ‘the human’ and ‘the horse’ on each end of the rope.

Explore your balance – emotionally and physically

What better a way to relax than to allow the beauty of our historic surroundings to free ourselves into emotional and meditative balance. We can then explore our physical T’ai Chi balance and experiment with finding our core (or inner corset as it is often known in Pilates).

We will ask questions such as how exactly do these micro differences change our balance and posture and how does that feel to our horses? Our human partners can give us this verbal feedback as we experiment with these tiny balance shifts.

The surroundings in which this class will be held are historic, tranquil, harmonistic and beautiful with oodles of natural light yet with full access to state-of-the-art modern technology including large plasma screen, kitchen facilities and sofas.

If you would be interested in attending please email me at

Happy Clicking

Jo Hughes