Positive Reinforcement to Improve Dressage Scores

Posted in: Classical Equitation, Clicker Training, Equine Training


Can you use positive reinforcement under saddle to help improve your dressage scores? You might be wondering how on earth you move your reward based training that you’ve been doing from the ground to ridden? Or perhaps you’ve not even considered using rewards from the saddle because positive reinforcement is only for training tricks on the ground? Incorporating the priciples of using reward based training under saddle to improve all sorts of things will help you communicate much more positively and effectively with your horse.

Do you have a horse who leans on your hands, struggles to get into canter on a specific rein, has a short, choppy stride or rushes forward when you apply your leg? Would you like more hind engagement, softer and more balanced turns, light and soft shoulder in or even travers?

There are loads of different ways to incorporate and make use of rewards in your ridden training which will lead to a more balanced, connected, light, soft horse in all gaits. And even better, you don’t need to start over and re train it all from the ground up, just start adding it to your toolbox in the saddle.

Many of the video tutorials available in The Academy of Positive Horsemanship with Jo Hughes show you how to make these changes with your horse. Your dressage scores will begin to increase faster than you can imagine!

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