Lucky At Liberty

Posted in: Classical Equitation, Clicker Training

For me, liberty work encapsulates the very essence of the connection which is possible between us and our horses. To achieve beautiful balance and collection at liberty is the epitome of what can be achieved within our horse-human communications.

Alexandra Kurland has brought a means of accessing this beauty and freedom to the horse world. The cadence, lightness, balance and obvious joy between horses and their owners working this way using Clicker Training is nothing short of inspirational.

The video below is a clip from Alexandra Kurland’s new DVD on Loopy Training. This really is what Clicker Training produces – it’s absolutely awesome! Enjoy!

Written by Alexandra Kurland on her website

“This month’s featured video is a clip from the new Loopy Training DVD. It shows Lucky, a twenty year old Connemara cross, enjoying some fabulous liberty play with his owner, Kate Graham. Kate hosts the Groton Clicker Clinics in upstate New York. Lucky was recovering from a mild round of laminitis so he wasn’t participating in that spring’s clinic. But I couldn’t resist a morning visit. I always enjoy watching Kate and Lucky working together.

They are such a fun, joyful team. And I always feel inspired by the work they do together. For this particular visit Kate wanted me to check on Lucky’s walk. She’d been working hard all winter to energize it. The results were quite evident, but what Lucky wanted to show me was his canter!

This clip shows his gorgeous collected canter in-hand. It’s an amazing experience to walk next to a cantering horse. The lift you feel under your hand is quite extraordinary. All that power combined with the wonderful self control you see was taught with clicker training.”