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Welcome to Equi-libre Horses!

This blog is our journey towards natural, bitless balance and collection.

The goal – to combine natural movements and classical dressage with an understanding of equine psychology and Behavioural Learning Theory.

The result – a means of training bitless balance and eventually collection which empowers the horse.

I cannot recall the number of times I have heard trainers tell me that it is not possible to achieve this collection without the use of a bit. There is a deep-seated belief among many trainers that a bit is needed in order to release the jaw, which in turn allows the rider to access and therefore make tiny refinements to the position of the horse’s spine.

We do not disagree with the use of a bit. We truly understand how it can allow the release of the horse’s jaw leading to wonderful refinement in communication between horse and rider, which in turn leads to wonderful classical collection.

We do believe it is also possible to achieve this natural classical collection without one! And thus are on a personal quest to to train our horses towards the ultimate balance and collection without.

And so we hope you will join us in our journey towards this goal with our horses.

This is a tribute to our horses, to document the paths we have travelled previously to get here and our journey onwards from this point. We hope that recounting our experiences will enable others to draw comfort and solace for themselves.

Enjoy the journey :0)