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Balance That Clicks!

"Balance That Clicks!"

Equi-libre Horses are excited to launch our brand new logo. We have been working on it for some time to ensure it fully encapsulates our philosophy and all that we stand for. We are really pleased with the results and we hope you like it as much as we do.

About Jo Hughes

Jo is British Horse Society (BHS) qualified and has trained extensively in Classical Equitation with a variety of internationally renowned trainers including amongst others, Pammy Hutton FBHS (International dressage rider and trainer), Molly Sivewright FBHS, FIH, FABRS (British Dressage Team, List 1 dressage judge and an International judge for Show Hacks and Arabs) and Alexandra Kurland (International Equine Behaviourist and Clicker Trainer).

Jo has dedicated her life to the exploration and understanding of many different styles of equitation and horsemanship methods. Her journey has led her down numerous paths in search of the truest and most ethical means of achieving lightness and balance. She combines elements of many of the methods that she practices, studies and admires – such as Tai Chi, Pilates, The Alexander Technique and behavioural science with her knowledge of classical equitation. It is from this holistic stance that Jo teaches the rider, the horse and the combination of the two.

“The main purpose of Classical Equitation training is to preserve the horse’s soundness and happiness, while developing them systematically according to time-honoured and tested principles based on biomechanics and equine psychology.”

Over the past few years, Jo has coupled her classical knowledge, (and its real understanding of how the horse is put together, both morphologically and psychologically), with the more modern day science of equine behaviour. Jo trains with Equine Behaviourist and Clicker Trainer, Alexandra Kurland, and has gained a deep knowledge and understanding of using clicker training with horses.

Jo’s enthusiastic and supportive coaching style allows her human students to access and learn, at their own pace, both superior classical knowledge as well as good contemporary training practices that engage the horse in a positive way.

We all want a horse who is a joyful and willing partner, one who is choosing to be with us and where the relationship is based upon mutual respect and trust. Many people have this kind of relationship with their horses already, but how many of those horses are moving in correct classical balance too whether that be at liberty, on line or under saddle?

Jo knows that by understanding HOW animals learn, we can optimise our training time to be faster and more effective. When combined with classical principles this really produces stunning results.

As well as coaching people in a one-2-one and clinic environments, Jo is also able to offer help remotely via email and video analysis. Whether that is general support, a training issue you have come up against or specific equine behaviour issues, you don’t have to be able to get to Jo to be able to access her.

Jo Hughes

Classical Equitation Coach and Clicker Trainer

Balance That Clicks!

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“The term “Classical” refers to the notion of an ideal, a surpassing beauty and reality that is beyond all mortal things. Reaching toward this ideal of perfection one can attain extraordinary beauty, surpassing joy and a truly transcendent experience dancing with a horse as a willing, engaged, and responsive partner. And….it’s so much fun, for both of you!” Jo Hughes