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Equi-libre Horses philosophy is to empower both horses and their owners with knowledge so they can become ethical and effective trainers themselves. We want to share what we have learnt in order to help others and their horses achieve a kinder, healthier and happier means of working together.

Clicker Training

Clicker training taps into Behavioural Science and allows understanding of working ‘with’ rather than ‘against’ how we and our animals learn. Combining this ‘science’ with classical dressage principles of balance and lightness, produces some of the most divine, dynamic movement I have ever seen in a horse.

This understanding allows the communications between horses and humans to reach phenomenal levels. Ultimately, clicker training establishes and improves the relationships between owners and their much loved animals through develeloping mutual trust and friendship at its core.

Jo Hughes – Experience and Continued Professional Development

Jo has a degree in Psychology and has been a qualified BHS Instructor for over 10 years. She is committed to continuous research and learning through hands-on training with other professionals, reading and, of course, learning from the horses themselves. Jo’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) is of paramount importance. Alongside attendance at Alexandra Kurland horse training clinics in the UK each year and ongoing training with an array of other classical trainers and equine behaviour specialists, Jo also undertakes CPD with the BHS on a regular basis.

Jo has dedicated her life to the exploration and understanding of many different styles of equitation and horsemanship methods. Her journey has led her down numerous paths in search of the truest and most ethical means of achieving lightness and balance.

The main purpose of Classical Equitation training is to preserve the horse’s soundness and happiness, while developing them systematically according to time-honoured principles based on biomechanics and equine psychology. Jo couples this knowledge (and its real understanding of how the horse is put together both morphologically and psychologically) with the science of behavioural psychology.

Jo’s enthusiastic and supportive coaching style is facilitated through one-2-one lessons, group clinics and workshops taught throughout the UK. Jo also offers a uniquely tailored consultancy service via video and email to enable progress with training and ongoing support between lessons. Jo is also able to offer more detailed and structured support towards specific training goals through helping to create individual shaping plans as part of client’s training programmes.

If you would like to enquire about any of the different services or coaching formats which Equi-libre Horses offer or would like to explore the possibility of organising a clinic or lesson day in your area, please contact us on