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The difference between ‘clicker training’ and using emotionally-focused techniques – FREE VIDEO!

I spend a lot of time explaining the differences between standard ‘clicker training’¬†and using emotionally focused training techniques. But what exactly does that mean when it is translated into practical training? This FREE video explains exactly what I mean by emotionally-focused training for relaxation and WHY that develops truly confident, empowered horses as¬†compared to¬†standard clicker […]

Foundations Through To Advanced Training Concepts with The Academy

My personal training¬†journey has been¬†expanding into¬†more advanced areas¬†over the last while as my young horse’s education has been developing. One of these areas is what Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training,¬†calls ‘Concept Training’. One of these concepts is called ‘Adduction’. Adduction Adduction takes us into the realms of […]