Aversives, Evasions & Emotions…

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EQ_images_portrait_2“Leaning on the rein, pulling through the rein, dropping behind the bit by bringing their heads towards their chest or even raising their heads up and hollowing.

These are all termed evasions in the traditional horse world. Those evasions occur because whenever we apply pressure (aversive stimulus) and remove or reduce the intensity of the aversive to reinforce the behaviour, we are relying on escape learning, and then pretty quickly, avoidance learning comes into play as the horse takes evasive action so as not to have to experience the aversive.

It makes sense for a horse to look out for anything that might give an early warning signal that an aversive is coming and then act on that, instead of waiting for the actual aversive to happen – we have all experienced a horse that yanks the reins out of your hands as you pick up the buckle to begin shortening them…now you know why!”

We go on to explain about the emotions that the horse experiences as a result of being exposed to aversive stimuli and why it is motivated to escape and avoid them.

Aversives are unpleasant, painful or frightening.

But the good news is we can re – train the horse to give us behaviours through them being motivated to genuinely want to rather than because they would prefer to escape consequences that are painful or frightening.

And that’s what the rest of this goes on to show. All of this and SO much more in The Academy of Positive Horsemanship…COMING SOON.

<<Copyright Jo Hughes – taken from one of The Academy of Positive Horsemanship Video Tutorials>>

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