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Tag: Poisoned Cues

Combining positive and negative reinforcement

Can I combine positive reinforcement with negative reinforcement? By Catherine Bell, The Equine Independent “Positive reinforcement (+R), particularly when used in conjunction with clicker training, is commonly combined with the use of negative reinforcement (-R) and/or punishment. Typically the aversive … Continue reading

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What exactly is a poisoned cue?

The term ‘poisoned cue’ is used much more frequently these days. Whilst that is in itself fabulous, unfortunately it’s true meaning seems to have become a little misunderstood along the way. Many individuals are using the term incorrectly to describe any anxiety related behaviour the … Continue reading

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How we really learn… explained simply!

Ever wondered how we and our horses, dogs and cats really learn new things? Some behaviours our animals offer us are great; especially when they are helpful or useful and make our lives quicker and easier but what about the truly irritating … Continue reading

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