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Foundations Through To Advanced Training Concepts with The Academy

My personal training journey has been expanding into more advanced areas over the last while as my young horse’s education has been developing. One of these areas is what Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training, calls ‘Concept Training’. … Continue reading

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Q & A – Treat Equipment & Classical Conditioning

In my recent blog post Guest Bloggers, I also encouraged readers to send me your questions, the answers to which I said I would publish as blogs throughout 2013. We love questions here at Equi-libre Horses! There really isn’t such a thing as a silly … Continue reading

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When the Cue Doesn’t Work

There have been some very interesting discussions on some of the online groups I am on recently regarding cues. Cues are so important within our training as positive trainers; they are the glue which sticks everything together! However, understanding their … Continue reading

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One-2-One Lessons

Classical Equitation and Clicker Training Lesson Dates Based in the East of England, Jo travels all over the UK to teach clinics and lessons. An experienced teacher/trainer of classical equitation and clicker training, Jo has trained her horses using the principles of classical equitation … Continue reading

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How we really learn… explained simply!

Ever wondered how we and our horses, dogs and cats really learn new things? Some behaviours our animals offer us are great; especially when they are helpful or useful and make our lives quicker and easier but what about the truly irritating … Continue reading

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