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Tag: Classical Conditioning

Q & A – Treat Equipment & Classical Conditioning

In my recent blog post Guest Bloggers, I also encouraged readers to send me your questions, the answers to which I said I would publish as blogs throughout 2013. We love questions here at Equi-libre Horses! There really isn’t such a thing as a silly … Continue reading

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Do I have to?

Recently on one of the forum’s I frequent, the question arose as to whether or not there is an element of horses “having to” do what they are being asked when we train with the clicker.  As I am sure you can imagine, … Continue reading

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How we really learn… explained simply!

Ever wondered how we and our horses, dogs and cats really learn new things? Some behaviours our animals offer us are great; especially when they are helpful or useful and make our lives quicker and easier but what about the truly irritating … Continue reading

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