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Equi-libre Horses

Positively coaching the art & science of horsemanship and equitation; enabling you to bring your equine dreams to life



 Jo Hughes Helen Anthem and Merlin with thanks (courtesy of Lisa Rose)  FB_IMG_1467044169301

Equi-libre Horses offers a variety of services from equine training and behaviour modification to classical riding lessons.

We provide modern, science-based, force-free behaviour modification and training services for you and your horse.

We can help with fearfulness & anxiety, aggression, reactivity or emotional arousal, separation anxiety, loading/travelling, resource guarding, obedience behaviours, handling & husbandry, relaxed focus and performance and much, much more.

One to one lessons, group lessons, workshops, clinics, talks and demonstrations as well as distance learning via online home study and mentorship.

 Services Offered

 20130817-IMG_8456a  Balanced Partner  FB_IMG_1467042840284_1467042866771  Spook Small

Science-based training with a focus on the use of positive reinforcement (+R) and behaviour modification

Classical Equitation training – groundwork & ridden

Young horse foundation training including gentle backing and early riding training

Help with unwanted problem behaviours such as trailer loading, spooking, aggression, bucking, napping, separation anxiety, fear of clipping, preparation for medical procedures such as vaccinations, worming, farrier and dentist visits

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Online home study coaching and distance learning & mentoring through The Academy of Positive Horsemanship including our pioneering online courses – How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate and Straight & Supple Training

Clinics & Workshops held both here at our base in the East Midlands, UK as well as a variety of other locations throughout the UK and abroad

Talks, Lectures & Demonstrations held here at our base as well as throughout the UK

In addition to those above, we also offer the following services:

Jo is also a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT) and teaches and trains Horse Agility as well as running and judging competitions. This fabulous sport is about building relationships based on trust with our horses using positive techniques. Its an awful lot of fun for both horses and people. For more information on this fast growing sport, visit the official site – www.thehorseagilityclub.com/

Centred classical riding with Jo Hughes:

Jo has a deep interest in the history of classical equitation and is passionate about coaching riders with a focus on incorporating the good classical riding principles of human and equine posture and biomechanics for health and longevity →


Helping horses overcome fears & anxieties including young horse training:

→ Shaping behaviour using bridge signals (a clicker or otherwise), positive reinforcement and behaviour modification protocols of systematic desensitisation & counter conditioning!

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