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Members Group, Video Reviews and Personal Calls

Private Member’s Facebook Group

Members of The Academy have access to a private Members group on Facebook.

The purpose of that group is for general discussion and Q&A for Members of The Academy to discuss +R training with relation to the video coaching material available inside The Academy. It is also a place for sharing and supporting each other on our journeys as well as a means of Jo Hughes keeping abreast with how students getting on from a mentoring point of view.

The group is NOT, however, designed for personalised coaching.

The Academy’s structure has been designed deliberately to use the specific tools of the Video Review Lessons and Personal Coaching Calls which allow for the most effective and beneficial delivery of individually-tailored personal coaching for you and your horse.

These add on tools have been designed to sit hand in hand with the video library material and are there to support you as you work through the tutorial video bundles and courses.

Each horse WILL have a completely unique history; a completely unique set of experiences which will be contributing to producing the behaviour patterns we are seeing today and each horse will also, most probably, have very different lifestyle and management set-ups and that WILL enormously contribute to and shape the fabric of your individual journeys into training with positive reinforcement. As such, it’s through these vital add on services that students gain the personalised coaching specifically shaped for you and your uniquely individual horse.

Video Coaching with the Video Review Lessons

Video coaching is such a beneficial and popular way to learn how to train horses using positive reinforcement (together with desensitisation and counter conditioning). This additional service option supports the Academy’s structure, courses and video library material beautifully.

Clients shoot up to 2 minutes’ worth of video of some of the training you would like to have assessed, upload that to YouTube and then send Jo Hughes the link. 30 – 45 minutes will be spent reviewing the footage and Jo is able to give you detailed feedback and instruction on how to improve and move forward.

The feedback is ridiculously detailed! Students are always utterly amazed at just how much information and nuanced detail can be gained from even just 40 seconds of video!

A skype call or a phone call (where you call Jo) is arranged for the duration of 45 minutes to discuss the video and the assessment.

Video coaching is pre-booked for a specific time. They are an additional extra for Silver and Gold Members so the product needs to be purchased through the website shop before they are arranged.

How do the Video Review Lessons work?

The approach is in three stages:

  1. When you join The Academy as a Member, Jo Hughes begins to get to know some background information about yourself and your horses via your diary and the Member’s private Facebook group
  2. When you first contact us about Video Coaching, Jo may suggest a Personal Coaching Call to you if she feels she needs to gain further background information. This will give her an opportunity to ask further follow up questions
  3. We will then proceed on to the Video Review Lessons

When Jo reviews your video she will comment on things like your body positioning, your timing, the foundations of your introduction of the bridge signal and food, your mechanical skills (target handling, clicking, feeding and use of bridge signals and different types of reinforcers), the environment in which you are training, as well as the emotional state of the horse, and she will then give you advice on how to improve and how to progress.

Personal Coaching Calls by Skype or Phone (for Gold and Platinum Members):

These provide help and advice or answer questions between video coaching lessons by Skype or phone (where you call us). They usually last for approx. 50 minutes.

A coaching call can be useful for trouble-shooting as well as for advice on how to deal with a particular issue, or even for something you are keen to discuss or improve on in between lessons.

Coaching calls are pre-booked for a specific time. They are an additional extra for Gold Members so the product needs to be purchased through the website shop before they are arranged.

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