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Equi-libre Horses

Positively coaching the art & science of horsemanship and equitation; enabling you to bring your equine dreams to life

Academy of Positive Horsemanship

 The Equi-libre Horses Academy of Positive Horsemanship – a clear, science-based positive training approach for horses and owners resulting in understanding and trusting partnerships

Home study courses, tutoring and mentoring in positive horse training within a supportive membership community


“Your videos are very detailed, thoughtful, insightful, backed up scientifically and well produced. Thank you for the excellence you bring to your work!  I knew I picked the right instructor.  Thank you also for all the time you have put into your education so that people like myself and our precious horses can benefit.

To anyone who is considering joining the Academy, I highly recommend it. I have explored many “methods” in my horsemanship journey of 40+ years before learning about positive reinforcement as a teaching modality. Jo Hughes has put together a systematic foundation to learn how to teach your horse in a way that provides a win/win scenario for both of you. The videos are full of theory and practical application with explanations that are clear and easy to understand. The theory is substantiated and augmented by a library of reference articles citing scientific research.

Although I have been on this path for a number of years, I realized there are gaps in my knowledge base and I looked for another professional whom I could glean from. Jo Hughes is one of only a few individuals I have found and the ONLY one I am aware of who has put together such a comprehensive program available online.”

Kim Strauss USA

“I second Jo Hughes’ HHLFC course – I did it last year – it goes into so much depth – so much support from Jo, too – it really does empower you to be able to observe your horse’s body language and emotions – and the theory section is fantastic too – I would recommend this course 100 per cent! Along with the rest of the Academy!

Carolyn Jenkinson UK

“A huge thank you for creating such a perfect place for us all to learn and develop our equine skills. Within such a short time of making some small changes in my training, I have noticed huge changes in Teddy, he’s calmer and much more confident and as a rescue who was terrified of his own shadow, this is amazing to see. As a trainer, Jo is kind, thoughtful, offers great constructive advice and her lack of ego is humbling. The Academy is such a non-judgemental supportive group of likeminded people, it’s a pleasure to be a part of. I am so glad I found The Academy and am so excited for mine and Teddy’s future as I know now we can achieve everything I dreamed of and more. THANK YOU!! xx”

Adriana Renaut UK

The Academy of Positive Horsemanship

My aim through The Academy is to bring an accessible and comprehensive rewards-based, positive training resource to empathic and forward thinking horse owners worldwide.

Training our horses using rewards; with the emphasis on adding things that our horses truly value in order to motivate them to choose to offer us behaviour that we desire of them, along with the use of bridge signals, is growing enormously in popularity.

The scientific world of applied animal behaviour and training has now become more accessible as a direct result of the free sharing of information on the Internet. But understanding that science and then applying it well to our horses in a practical way isn’t always as easy as it may seem. The technology of positive reinforcement training is still in its infancy, certainly within training equines. It’s not a magic wand and as with any ‘tool’, the use of a clicker or a bridge signal can be used well, or not so well!

Having fallen into the majority of the pitfalls possible since 2006, when I began exploring reward-based techniques, I have also learned enormously from my experiences and more importantly how to avoid making those mistakes in the first place. Those practical hands on experiences are what has driven me to create and launch this learning resource and membership community.

Making use of these protocols to train our horses really is the most humane way to achieve our goals. It places the welfare of the horse at it’s very core whether your goal is to create a relaxed and cooperative friend, a bombproof hacking horse or a keen and motivated performance horse.

So no matter if you are thinking about exploring to find out more about why so many modern trainers are using these ethical techniques or you are a well seasoned positive reinforcement trainer who would like to deepen your understanding of the theory or applied aspects, or anything in between, I hope do hope you will enjoy your journey into The Academy of Positive Horsemanship.

Jo Hughes


Would you like to create a bombproof, non-spooky horse? One who defaults to your side at liberty when it experiences anything frightening?:

Learn how to build that relationship and develop that strong mutual trust by becoming a Member of The Academy →


Or would you like to develop a friendship based entirely on trust?:

→ Learn how to nurture deep social bonds and attachments with your horse, strong enough that they offer you the most special gift of all – true relaxation and a magical trust that is very rarely experienced. Become a Member of The Academy today!

Individual Support & Tutoring

When you become a member of The Academy of Positive Horsemanship, you get access to loads of information and support anytime you need it! The Internet is a truly wonderful tool that we are lucky to have at our fingertips, enabling us to connect and learn from sitting comfortably in our living rooms at home, wherever we are in the world.

What’s Included?

The Academy of Positive Horsemanship is your comprehensive resource within positive reinforcement training. From weekly online Meet-Ups to detailed video tutorials and V-logs, the access to knowledge, information and support is mind-blowing!

Log onto The Academy and watch a video within the ever increasing Video Library, read an article in our Article Library, watch one of our V-logs, start a new thread and ask a question on the Forums, look at one of our recorded webinars, use one of your Video Review Lessons, arrange a Personal Coaching Call, join us in our weekly Meet-Ups or post in our Private Member’s Facebook Group – get that personal and unique guidance you need!

Video Coaching & Personal Calls

Video coaching is such a beneficial and popular way to learn how to train horses using positive reinforcement. This service option supports the Academy’s structure, courses, video and article library material beautifully. These are additional extras for Silver and Gold Members. Platinum Members have them included as a very crucial and beneficial part of their package.

Personal coaching calls provide help and advice or answer questions between video coaching lessons. They are really useful for trouble-shooting as well as for advice on how to deal with a particular issue. These are additional extras for Gold Members. Platinum Members also get these included as a beneficial part of their package.

“Thank you so much Jo for the amazing video coaching! I cannot believe how much knowledge you have and how much detail you go into. Your Academy is fantastic and worth every penny and some… I feel very privileged to be a part of it all. Huge gratitude from me and my horses – I think we are finally starting to have a conversation without me shouting :)”

Sue Fletcher UK

Video Library & Tutorial Bundles

Maybe you’re lacking inspiration or imagination? Don’t know where to move on to next? Or perhaps you have a specific issue that you want to address such as for example your horse is showing signs of over excitement and hyper-arousal? Are you feeling stuck with exactly how to go about teaching certain behaviours such as leading or groundwork?

The Video Library contains VAST numbers of tutorials packed full with incredibly detailed information on the technical nuts and bolts of training as well as interesting ideas, including such things as differential reinforcement techniques, extinction, impulse control, emotional arousal and how to form behaviours positively.

“If you join Jo’s Academy, you will see the quality of her work through her ethically-based courses and the envelopes that she is pushing in terms of R+ training. Some of the most interesting discussions I have on Facebook are in the Academy Members group!”

Debbie Busby

Webinars & Live Q&A’s

Perhaps you would like to learn about natural equine behaviour such as the science behind equine sleep or how to introduce freedom of choice into the training of a performance horse. Join us online for one of our regular Live Webinars and Live Q&A sessions with Jo Hughes and a wide variety of fantastic trainers and guest speakers or catch up with previous ones through the recordings.

“The Freedom of Choice webinar was a wonderful lecture on what freedom of choice does for your horse and how it looks.  Jo Hughes does a fantastic job of providing detailed explanations of equine behavior and the consequences of our training philosophies – both good and bad.  If you are considering joining the Academy, I highly recommend it!”

Kim Strauss USA

“It was only when I had video coaching from Jo Hughes that I learned the finer points of reward based training.”

Gill Langridge UK

Workshops & Clinics

Why not book a lesson or join one of our workshops or clinics! For something a little different, perhaps you’d like to improve your riding posture in the saddle in trot, canter or even piaffe and passage? Our mechanical simulator workshops are your solution.

Online Home Study Courses

Want to learn more about how and why horses behave as they do? Or develop your observation skills and be able to read what your horse is telling you? Perhaps you want to learn how to create a positive two way language in order to progressively supple and straighten your horse? After all, only a supple and ultimately straight horse can carry its rider safely without wear and tear on his body.

“I have just finished watching the content for the last module of the How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate course. I wanted to say THANK YOU to Jo for putting together such an amazing course. In all honesty I had a little cry! I feel so grateful that Jo does what she does and shares it with us all. I don’t know where I would be without it. If you haven’t done the course, you really should, it’s so so inspiring! I am just so grateful to be able to learn about the subtleties of horse behaviour and communication from such a wonderful teacher.”

Rebekah Marshall UK

Delve into the unparalleled Academy of Positive Horsemanship’s Online Courses. There are taster/short courses such as our practical, hands on “Introduction to Shaping Mini Course” and “Training Cues” as well as longer ones which cover everything from modern, advanced horse training using behaviour modification and understanding emotions in our horses in our “How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate” course right through to learning about the natural, inborn imbalances in our equines and how to develop their suppleness in order to straighten them through gymnastic training.

Without helping our horses to strengthen their muscles so that they can use their bodies with good posture and balance, strains and soft tissue damage as well as more permanent physical damage to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are likely to occur over the life of the horse.

Our unequalled  “Straight & Supple” Training Course teaches you how to gymnastically strengthen your horse, to help him to balance correctly through communicating with him via a mutually understood language by forming behaviours using appetitives/positive reinforcement instead of being based on coercion or compulsion (via the use of aversives/negative reinforcement as is the case for all mainstream classical training).

Check out our taster video about our online “How Horses Learn, Feel & Communicate Course”. In this video, Jo introduces Equine Ethology – the scientific study of the horse’s behaviour in its natural environment. 

Find out more about this course…

“My new horse arrived yesterday and though I am not new to clicker training and positive reinforcement training (approx 15 years of doing +R with my previous mare), my new horse is and I was a bit concerned that I might blow his brains with it!

However as an Academy member I am spending this afternoon going through the videos and articles and I have to say, wow! Jo Hughes you have been so clever with how you have put together all the information. I now feel able to incorporate +R right now in an easy and non stressful way! Thank you Jo Hughes!!!”  – Heather Richardson

“Your Academy’s amazing, I see it as becoming the equine version of Jean Donaldson’s dog training Academy.” – Debbie Busby

“Just finished my first viewing of Affective Neuroscience and the Emotions – awesome video material with clear, concise narrative, diagrams and video!” – Carolyn Jenkinson

“I still sometimes cannot believe, not only the change in her, but the change in my ATTITUDE towards her since I joined your Academy. Best decision of my life after buying THIS horse! I am not scared of her at all anymore. Instead of a dangerous horse out to get me, she is now just a scared baby horse, and even THOSE instances are VERY few and far between (I can actually not even remember the last time she had to tell me she’s scared and needs to escape a situation).
Our journey with +R is 9 months old now, but without joining the Academy, and learning about relaxation around food and body language etc, I don’t think it would have lasted and I would probably have sold her and missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, bonding with a horse on a level you cannot describe to someone who hasn’t been there…” – Ilene Barrington, South Africa

Read more feedback on The Academy of Positive Horsemanship


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