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Equi-libre Horses

Positively coaching the art & science of horsemanship and equitation; enabling you to bring your equine dreams to life


Straight & Supple Training: Half Pass The Modern Way!→

Create a MARVELLOUS Mount!→

Create willing partners for husbandry tasks such as worming→

Create a horse who defaults to your side at liberty when he experiences anything frightening→

Equine Play→

Positive separation training→

Positive groundwork training→

Desired behaviour can be prompted by positively trained verbal cues – what would you train?→

Fun behaviours – fetch→

Life skills – chains of behaviour trained with positive reinforcement, maintained by reinforcement variety→

When preparation training isn’t an option – aversive medication mitigation→

What is a cue?→

Issues with mounting?→

Natural Classical Collection in PLAY→

Bridle-less Shoulder-In→

Positive Hoof Handling for Husbandry Care→

Mounting Block Training with Positive Reinforcement→

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