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Equi-libre Horses

Positively coaching the art & science of horsemanship and equitation; enabling you to bring your equine dreams to life

About Us


“One trainer stands out in particular…..Jo Hughes for her passion. I’ve known Jo for many years now and have seen her progression as she has found her way, sharing her journey with great honesty.  She is so passionate about her training ethics and that comes across in her teaching. She is extremely personable and humble. It’s great to be taught by somebody that truly loves what they are doing. Jo has all the time in the world when it comes to good training, and I admire that about her.” – Lisa Rose

Equi-libre Horses was founded by Jo Hughes and is based in the East Midlands of the UK.

ClassroomEqui-libre Horses covers a wide geographical area. We travel throughout the UK for personal coaching and internationally with our online coaching and support as well as running workshops, courses and clinics from our base near Lincoln in the UK.

This website has been designed to give you an overview into Equi-libre Horses as well as to provide a comprehensive learning and online support network to it’s Members via the Equi-libre Academy of Positive Horsemanship.

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About Jo Hughes

Jo Hughes is a fully qualified, insured and CRB checked BHS (Reg’d) Instructor, Classical Horsemanship Coach, Positive Reinforcement, Rewards Based Trainer and a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer (HAAT) providing experienced and individually personalised services on a freelance basis.

Clinic1Jo is a very experienced horse trainer and teacher, coaching full time both in person and online. Her coaching inspires trainers/riders from novice to advanced and she is often invited to lecture at universities, colleges, conferences and exhibitions around the UK. She enjoys working with horses and riders of all ages, types and standards and from all equestrian disciplines.

Over the past 9 years Jo has been focused on understanding the behaviour and psychology of horses. For her working with horses goes far deeper than any quick fix gadget or approach – she doesn’t believe the shortest route is the best, most ethical or effective.

Jo aims to continually improve the way in which she trains horses; she is completely committed to building and restoring mutually trusting relationships between horses and humans in the most ethical and effective manner possible.

As such, she takes her continued professional development very seriously and attends many clinics in the UK each year as well as ongoing training with Equine Behaviourist Dr Helen Spence as well as an array of other classical trainers and animal behaviourists. She is one of only two people to have completed Dr Helen Spence (PhD) Trainer’s Structured Mentoring programme in 2013. For further information about Jo Hughes please take a look at Jo’s Experience page. Read more about Jo from Dr Helen Spence

Our Approach

To be able to successfully teach an animal a new behaviour it is important for a trainer to learn ‘how’ to teach the animal. Here at Equi-libre Horses, we love teaching humans ‘how’ to teach their animals what is required of them (i.e. new behaviours)!

Dancer Loose JumpingAll animals (including us) learn through similar processes. These processes have been defined as behavioural ‘laws’ within the scientific world. The Law of Effect states that “behaviour is a function of it’s consequence” (Chance, 2009). Animals will either behave to produce desirable outcomes to them (reinforcement), or to avoid undesirable ones (punishment). Behaviours that result in reinforcement will be repeated more, while behaviours that result in punishment will be repeated less.

Very simply – animals will do what works for them.

What is good horse training?

The best horse training comes from a thorough understanding of the science in combination with extensive practical experience of horses. Our belief is that every individual has the potential to be a great trainer, since these things CAN be learned. Horse training isn’t a gift that some lucky people are born with – although these things do come easier to some than others!

We need to know ourselves inside out, have self awareness and feel at the same time as being able to read the horse, understand the ethology of the species we are training, recognise the individuality of the horse we are working with, understand how our own behaviour and body language influences the horse AND understand the practical application of the science – Learning Theory.

DancerThrough the services we provide here at Equi-libre Horses, we enable you to develop your potential and become a great equine trainer.

Why not liberate your entire way of thinking, create a truly positive invisible connection with your horse? Sign up to our mailing list (on the left menu) and step into the supportive online world of The Equi-libre Academy of Positive Horsemanship.

With warm wishes, Jo Hughes


“I found Jo Hughes when I was looking for someone to help me with my ever-increasing herd of horses, many of whom came to me because of their veterinary and behavioural issues. Having previously worked with traditional horse training methods and various forms of natural horsemanship, I felt that I needed to find someone that would understand my desire to work with my horses in a holistic, empathic way in order to improve my communication with them and ultimately to build a deeper and more authentic relationship with each and every one.

With her wealth of experience, pragmatism and endless patience, Jo has helped me to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons for me and my horses by introducing me to the world of positive reinforcement and clicker training. However, Jo is so much more than a ‘clicker trainer’, she has a knack of identifying core issues for each horse and will develop a bespoke training programme with you to address these issues and overcome them.

I have found Jo’s approach to be not only extremely effective but also challenging, stimulating and thought provoking. She has given me new insight into horse behaviour and learning theory and has inspired me to explore new ways of being and working with my horses.

I highly recommend Jo as a trainer for all types of horse in any discipline, whether you have a young, inexperienced horse, a misunderstood horse displaying unwanted behaviour or a competition horse that you are looking to improve performance with. If you have an open mind and are looking to improve your relationship with your horse on any level, then I am confident that Jo will be able to help you.”

Michelle Hitt UK

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